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Cannes film festival 2009 stars the crisis in 3-D (or something like that)

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Lumière and darkness

The Cannes film festival kicks off tonight with the world premier of the new Pixar animation feature “Up”.

Up - Pixar trailer (sorry, not 3-D)

At the first glance it’s of course a little weird that a Disney opens the world’s most important rendezvous in film business. But as festival director Thierry Frémaux said yesterday, “the future of film is 3-D”. The improved technology (it’s said “Up” will bring a 3-D experience which makes IMAX movies look like a flat ride to grandma’s house) should stop illegal movie piracy and should bring people back into the theatres.

And after all the choice for a Disney comedy could also counterbalance the economic crisis that doesn’t stop at the festival carpet. For the first time since many years hotels are not showing the sign “complet” (no more vacancies) in their windows and restaurant owners complain of missing dinner reservations.