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Can e-government beat the almighty Greek bureaucracy?

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Well, according to the Ministry of Domestic Policy the answer is a big fat ''YES'' .

According to statements made by the Minister, Mr. Ragkousis, it seems that this peculiar and really annoying relation between the Greeks and the State will change radically.

Instead of tons of papers and booklets and ''this-little-something-you-have-forgot-to-bring-with-you'' now they say that all the issues between the citizens and the State will be settled through a..''click''!

bureaucracy.jpgFrom the information we have, it seems that through the creation of ''digital signatures'' the Greek State will guarantee the safety of the data provided by the users. Furthermore the value of these digital prints will be equal or maybe higher (!) compared to the paper ones.

Through e-government everything will be settled online, from ordinary applications, to tax payments using debit and credit cards.

Well, all the above seem nice, but how is it possible to exchange all these with this sweet, deep relationship you have with the lady of the Tax Office, or the manager of the Insurance office, who plays with her hair, stares at you full of boredom and at the same time speaks with her aunt/mother/cousin/friend about who to create mousaka or because she believes that John cheated on her last night..Can you change such a relationship? Amen, oh Lord!