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Call for Facebookers!!!!!

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inside cafébabel

We are trying to use the Facebook “” group as a means of free, powerful and modern advertising our magazine and e-community. So far our group has been a success, but about a month ago we stopped having waves of new members joining it. Reason? I, Vanessa, Federico, etc. have already sent an invitation to all of our friends.

And they have all accepted ;-)

Now here’s your role: if you are not already a member of the cafebabel Facebook group, please DO join it. Once you are a member, please send an invitation to all of your European friends who you think might be interested in getting to know about Cafebabel. About 8 months ago I was still unaware of Cafebabel’s existence, and then my friend mentioned it to me. It made a lot of difference in my life, because I finally found a way in which I can contribute to the European dialogue. Maybe some of your friends are still in the dark and could use some Cafebabel to spice up their intellectual lives? :-)

Here are the 5 easy steps to do that:

Go to the “cafebabel. com – the first European media” group on the Facebook. On the right hand side under the profile picture there’s a link “Invite new members” On the right hand side you will find a box saying “Invite Facebook friends” where you just check the names of the friends you want to invite. Only check those who you think might actually be interested. We do not want to be spammers now, do we? ;-) A box will pop-up on the top of the page, listing all of the people you have checked. You can write them a message, for example: “I thought you might be interested to learn about this really cool European e-magazine that comes out in 7 languages and the e-community of young Europeans that comes with it.” Click “Send invitations” and…. you are DONE – congratulations, you have just helped us a whole lot!

Thank you in advance! Hanna