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Calendar 2013: EU/ Balkan cities confirmed for 'EUtopia' reporting missions

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As has done every year since we launched our flagship, award-winning projects in 2005, we plan where we will send teams of pan-European journalists and photographers every month according to where our kind hosts and volunteers are going to be, as well as wherever volunteers have built official legal, affiliated associations.

That's why in we will be returning to our old favourites, and , and more newer friends, and , to be welcomed for our reporting trips for EUtopia 2013.

2013 Budapest AthensZagreb Warsaw

In 2013 we'd also like to welcome the teams from and , who have been doing an excellent job with their local writers and blogging efforts, and also , home to a former cafebabel Parisian who invites us with open arms.

Naples DublinHelsinki

Thanks for being a part of the cafebabel network we will be building editorially over the next six months!


Journalists and photographers, please keep the provisional agenda as noted below in mind for applications. Each city reporting mission will, as per usual, be recruited nearer the time with the relevant editor from Paris HQ.

                 February                        Budapest (the call closes 31 January)                  March                             Athens                  April                               Warsaw                  May                                 Naples                  June                                 Dublin                  July                                  Zagreb                  September                     Helsinki

Ask no questions, and hear no lies...

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hippocrene Foundation and the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind