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inside cafébabel has the pleasure to support, in its quality of Media partner, an unique and challenging project initiated by the European Theatre Convention (ETC) :« Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre ».

With the project “Young Europe 2”, 8 ETC theatre members collaborate in 7 different countries to create 4 new theatre plays written with the participation of and for young Europeans, which will then be translated into 8 languages and finally played in schools and theatres across Europe.

Through the art of theatre, « Young Europe 2 » offers the young generation a voice and a place within the European project, inviting them to take an active part in shaping their European identity.

From May 22nd to May  24th ETC invites you to the  mid-term conference in Miskolc, Hungay.

During two days  the participants to the conference will  prepare the grounds for new European standards in artistic education and to formulate a first series of recommendations which will be revised during the final milestone, the 2nd Young Europe festival taking place from May 13 - 17 2013 at the Theater an der Parkaue (Berlin).

In order to pool competences and resources as well as peer learning in artistic education on a European and international level, the European Theatre Convention welcomes

- Patrice Baldwin, President of IDEA (International Drama Theatre and Education Association);

- Steven Clark, representative of ANRAT  (French Association for theatre projects and research)

- Adam Cziboly, DICE project leader (Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education).

Young Europe project partners will also benefit of a capacity building training session for international collaboration competences animated by the intercultural theatre trainer Sophia Stepf. 

Read the programme of the conference here.

For more information please contact :

Elsa Varenne

E: T:             +49 (0)30 28441 460       · F: +49 (0)30 28441 488 ·


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