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Cafebabel wins the Spinelli Prize

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Léa Marchal

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During the European youth week, Cafebabel won the “Altiero Spinelli 2018 Prize for Outreach,” for its series of reportages in Poland called the “Borderline Project”.

In September 2018 eight stories and a documentary about Poland, its youth and its borders were published. In April 2019, the Borderline Project_ won the « Altiero Spinelli 2018 for Outreach ». Every year, this European Commission award is given to outstanding individuals or organisations who promote European citizens' understanding of the EU.

Being granted the Spinelli prize is an honour for the team and a sign that quality participatory journalism is possible. It is even necessary to help us understand our continent better.

The Borderline Project has mobilised 16 European journalists who travelled through many areas in Poland in 2018, to meet the polish youth, and understand the country’s vision for the future and its relationship with history. These stories of the beautiful meetings in Poland, are at the heart of Cafebabel’s editorial vision, with quality stories that describe Europe in real life.

At the award ceremony on April 29th, Cafebabel was represented by Antinea Radomska, producer of the documentary Know origins, and by Quentin Ariès, president of Babel International, the association that edits the magazine.

The story continues…

After photo exhibitions in Berlin and Paris, other events linked to Borderline will be organised during the following months in Brussels (and maybe other European cities).

This editorial project would not have been possible without our financier BpB ((Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung).

Cafebabel shares this award with :

The Italian association DEINA who organises citizens and education projects around the Holocaust during the second world war, every year.

The Europeans” from Katy Lee and Dominic Kraemer, a podcast that also describes Europe in real life, with humour and optimism.

The Austrian national office for youth (Bundes Jugend Vertretung) for their campaign on youth participation in politics on European issues.

The Slovenian teacher Damjan Lajh, for his board game on the European Parliament, for trying to improve citizen engagement and promoting participation in the European elections.

Photo : Quentin Ariès, Antinea Radomska and the European Commissioner for Education and Culture, on April 29th, at the House of European History in Brussels.


Translated from Cafébabel remporte le Prix Spinelli