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Cafébabel is recruiting! German Editorial Liaison for a network of journalists

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Emily Spencer

inside cafébabel

Cafébabel is currently looking for a young, energetic and creative native German speaker to work with us in Paris. Apply now if you think you have what it takes.

Cafébabel is Europe's first online participatory media, now over 15 years old. Its publication is maintained by a highly motivated network of around 1,500 volunteers from all over Europe and boasts a professional editorial team based in Paris. The goal of the magazine is to offer a platform for civic expression to young Europeans and to promote the development of a European public opinion.

Cafébabel is a project run by Babel International, a not-for-profit organisation. Babel International organises debates, training sessions and reporting excursions all over Europe, runs cafébabel and supports a team of volunteers throughout the continent.

We are hiring one native German speaker (mandatory) to the role of Editorial Liaison for a "civic service" contract over a period of 6 months.

What does it mean to do a "civic service" placement with Cafébabel?

"Civic service" is a programme run by the French government, which is one step up from an internship. 18- to 25-year-olds can work with an organisation to carry out a mission in the public interest. Cafébabel’s mission is to promote European citizenship, and to offer a platform for young Europeans to express themselves through participatory journalism.

This non-renewable, 6-month contract is open to all candidates, regardless of education or experience. The only pre-requisite is that you must be a native German speaker.

In order to be eligible for a civic service contract, you must be younger than 26 (born after 1st March 1991) and hold European citizenship. It is preferred that you also speak good English, as well as any of our other publication languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Polish).

Your profile

You are interested in news and different forms of online expression, you have strong connections with young people on different social networks, and you are interested in engaging with the first European online participatory media that lets young people across the continent speak their minds.

Under the supervision of the Editorial Coordinator, your tasks will include:

Raising awareness of active citizenship and European issues: You will suggest articles aimed at a European youth audience, alongside encouraging young people to spontaneously pitch articles with a European perspective.

Supporting the writing of our volunteer authors: You will support our young authors in their written work, proofreading their contributions, proposing improvements (such as sources and photos), and suggesting European angles for their pieces.

Encouraging contributions from youth: You will publish the best articles on the cafébabel home page, while mobilising our network of translators to translate articles. You will promote published articles on social media platforms.

Informing youth about news in Europe: You will contribute articles on themes related to youth and European citizenship. If the opportunity presents itself, you will participate in our reporting projects across Europe.

Actively participating in the life of the network: You will actively participate in the organisation's activities (training sessions, events, debates, etc.).

Your contract and benefits

The position consists of a civic service contract lasting 6 months, 24 hours per week beginning on March 1st 2017 in our Paris office.

Monthly salary and benefits: 582.17 net.

€472.97 net contributed by the French state.

€74,20 in the form of 14 restaurant tickets per month.

35 in travel expenses (half of the Pass Navigo, covering all zones).

Address: 226 rue Saint Denis, 75002, Paris, France

Interested? Apply Now!

Send your application (CV and cover letter) before March 15th 2017 to

Translated from Paris: Cafebabel sucht deutschen Animateur für Journalistennetzwerk