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Cafebabel is looking for journalists to report on Mediterranean borders

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Following the success of Beyond 91, Balkans and Beyond and Borderline, we are excited to announce our next editorial project : #NOFILTER. So journalists, pack your bags, we are taking you to the Mediterranean sea.

Imagine life on an island, where borders are nothing less than the immensity of the sea. How is it to live along an intangible border? Do you think it's like balancing two worlds? From migration to environment, what kind of issues do the young people living near borders experience? What are their dreams and aspirations?

Malta, Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, Corsica

#NOFILTER will be a series of five multimedia cross-border stories, unveiling the challenges and aspirations of the people from five islands in the Mediterranean. The cross-border stories (text and pictures) will be published on a website hosted by Cafebabel. The language of publication can be English, French, German or Italian. The articles will then be translated into the other three languages.

An exhibition of the pictures will also take place in four cities: Palermo, Marseille, Chemnitz and Brussels, to debate about what it is like to grow up in a (geographical or societal) border situation. All the selected photographers and journalists will be invited to the exhibition opening that will take place in February 2020 and which is an important milestone for the project.

We are now looking for:

✔️ Talented and experienced writers and photographers with solid references and curiosity. They can be based on the islands or elsewhere in Europe.

✔️ Native or fluent (written) in French, Italian, German or English

✔️ Peolpe able to pitch and work on original & generational topics


Note that this is a professional and paid assignment. Send a mail to the editor-in-chief Prune Antoine 👉 with a CV/portfolio.

Deadline for application: 15/09/2019.

Recruitment phase: September-October 2019.

Reporting phase: November-December 2019.

Launch of the website and kickoff event: February 2020.

This project is an initiative of Cafebabel in Berlin and is supported by the Allianz Kulturstiftung and the German-French Youth Office

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