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Cafébabel: Going green for COP21

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Climate change, ecology, the transition to clean energy... the environmental theme is being brought to the forefront of debate more than ever, being discussed by an ever wider section of the population. If society can start to paint itself green... so can cafébabel! On the program: a new editorial project entitled #21faces, a booth at the COY11 conference, and naturally all the coverage of COP21.

The year 2015 seems to mark a turning point in the history of ecology. In fact, a number of events, initiatives and action plans in the field of the environment are being put in place all over the world, with the beating heart being COP21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Cafébabel has therefore decided to step up to the plate, and take on the subject on all fronts! To start, we present our new editorial project entitled #21faces! The objective? To create portraits of 21 young green heroes who have kickstarted their own innovative environmental initiatives throughout the whole of Europe. You know what? The first articles are already online. What are waiting for? Click away!

Some of these portraits will also be showcased at the booth we will hold at COY11. This Conference of Youth unites young people the world over to debate the big questions relating to climate. For this 11th edition, COY has flown to new heights, with no less than 5000 young people expected to attend, participating in workshops, booths and conferences. Our team will wait for you there between the 26th and 28th November!

Finally, our last point, but by no means least: COP21!

This global event may well signify the turning point of the decade when it comes to climatic and environmental concerns. More than 40,000 participants (representing governments, civil society, etc), will come together in Paris from the 30th November to the 11th December, with the goal of  securing a universal binding agreement seeking to effectively fight against the deregulation of climate policy, and to aid the transition towards sustainable, low carbon economies.

We will be the first in line to cover the event and keep you up to date on all the goings on at the conference! See you there!

Translated from Cafébabel voit la vie en vert !