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Cafebabel call for articles Society February 2008

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Jane Mery

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Babelians, come and find out what 2008 February’s Society section will be about! To write or to propose different subjects for cafebabel’s society section you simply need to be a member of our community. Nothing easier: go on the homepage just click on the red button “participate!” in the upper right to find out more about the conditions of being a writer for

If you’re interested in one of the topics below, do not hesitate to contact our society editor Jane at We’re looking forward to reading you in 7 languages! 1. Dossier : Your first steps in work world a. 1000 ways of writing a CV  b. Can Erasmus change your career? c. "I am a French baker in London "  Working world first impressions. d. Best of sites to find a European job 2. Divorce in a click and let's go dancing

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