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Image for Cafébabel Brussels is recruiting an editorial coordinator for its local network in Brussels 

Cafébabel Brussels is recruiting an editorial coordinator for its local network in Brussels 

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Clémence Burkel

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Managing a community of local volunteer contributors, editing their articles, pitching subjects of European interest and actively participating in the life of our association: this is the job. Are you ready for it and available from October? Then send your application before 4 September!

Cafébabel is the first European online participatory media outlet. The publication is sustained by a very motivated network of around 1,500 volunteers from all over Europe and boasts a professional editorial team based in Paris. The goal of the magazine is to offer a platform of civic expression to young Europeans and to promote the development of a European public opinion.

Cafébabel Brussels started in 2003. Our local team tries to bring the young generation closer to the politics of the European Union. Thanks to our editorial coverage and our debates, we give young people the opportunity to contribute to the emergence of a true European public opinion.

Cafébabel is a project run by Babel International, a not-for-profit organisation. Babel International organises debates, training sessions and reporting excursions all over Europe, runs cafébabel and supports a team of volunteers throughout Europe.

Cafébabel Brussels recruits an editorial coordinator for its local network in Brussels under a "civic service" contract (6 months).

What does it mean to do a "civic service" placement at cafébabel Brussels? 

"Civic service" is a programme run by the French state, which is one step up from an internship. 18- to 25-year-olds can work with an organisation to carry out a mission in public interest. Cafébabel’s mission is to promote European citizenship, and to offer a platform for young Europeans to express themselves through participatory journalism.

This nonrenewable, 6-month contract is open to people holding European citizenship, younger than 26 (born after 03/10/1990) and who don’t have more than a 3-years post-secondary education level

Your profile 

You are interested in news and different forms of expression on the web, you want to get involved with young volunteers in Brussels, you have good connections with young people on different social networks and you are interested in becoming engaged with the first European online participatory media who lets young people across Europe speak their minds.

Under the supervision of the Editorial Manager of cafébabel Brussels, your placement includes:

Raise awareness about active citizenship and European issues: you suggest young and European article ideas; you encourage young people to pitch articles spontaneously and write their articles from a European perspective.

Support the writing of our volunteer authors: you support our young authors in their written work, you re-read their contributions, you propose improvements (such as sources and photos) and suggest European angles for their articles

Encouraging contributions from youth: you publish and edit articles on the cafébabel Brussels group, you mobilise our network of translators to translate articles and you promote published articles on social network platforms

Inform youth about news in Europe: you write articles about themes related to youth and European citizenship. If the opportunity presents itself, you participate in our reporting projects in Europe

Actively participate in the life of the network: you actively participate in the organisation’s activities (team meetings, events, debates...)

Your contract and benefits 

Civic service contract for 6 months, 35 hours per week beginning on 3rd October in cafébabel Brussels office (Square de Meeûs 25, 1000 Brussels - Belgium).

Monthly salary and benefits: 576,45 € net 

( 470.14 € from the French state and 106,31 € from cafébabel Brussels)

Interested? Apply Now!

Send your application before midnight on 18 September to quoting “civic service” in the email subject line.

Translated from Cafébabel Bruxelles recrute un animateur éditorial du réseau local