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Bubbling out Vilnius. Because it needs it

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There is one urban initiative that I have not witnessed yet. Every second Monday people gather in public spaces to "pack the wind" - using some equipment, produce huge bubbles. This is something children and adults enjoy equally. Something that looks very primitive but provides lots of joy. The initiative was started by the blog and has already spread to multiple cities.

In summer, this city really needs something to get it going. There are more and more outdoor cafes in this exceptionally hot summer, and people of various ages do hit the town at night. But with many students out (working abroad or relaxing in their home towns) and many others unemployed, hence without financial means to enjoy sometimes inadequately expensive night life, bars and cafes are not exactly for "reaching out". I mean, people go there to spend time with those they already know rather than meet new people. During the bubbling game, you don't have to talk to others, but you can see it clearly in the photos - there is some special solidarity and collective fun. I can't wait to join them next Monday.

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