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Brussels calls for help in Burma/Myanmar

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By Elisa Longobardi in Brussels

The entire world is looking at the tragic events occurring in Myanmar from very different angles. The EU and the USA officially condemned the Junta expressing their concern over the situation. As soon as the risk of a blood-bath outlined most of the world’s leading countries moved the proposal to apply international sanctions to Burma’s military Government.

Unfortunately key countries - such as India and China - voted against the proposal, because of their political and economic interest in the Region. In those days public pacific demonstrations to support Burma’s people, calling the major countries for an immediate intervention in Myanmar, have been staged all over the world. Brussels is also playing a role to promote human right re-establishment in Myanmar.

signora.JPGIn Brussels on Saturday 29 of September people raised their voices. Organised by Action Birmanie jointly with Amnesty international and with the participation of Green Peace, a colourful demonstration has been held in Place de la Liberté. In spite of the rain almost 1000 people, amongst whom most of the leaders of the majors Belgian democratic parties, joined the event, which received an important media coverage: RTBF and RTL, amongst others, were on site. Everyone was holding a yellow flower, symbol-colour of people’s solidarity with Burmese all around the world.


Organisers put the fingers over major governments’ responsibilities, while reminding how civil participation and engagement is important to generate and increase awareness over the issue. Civil society and communities play an active role in pressing over politicians to undertake effective action and in giving support and solidarity to Burma’s people who need to get back in power. As Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese democratic leader, today under house arrest said once: “{What the Junta is doing} is not exerting power. This is just a matter of fear. People could be as water on the hands of power, and then just slide away but they could also be as many little glass splinters. Each little piece has a sharp strength. That’s our power: the power of united people”.


Every participant signed on site the petition which will be submitted next Wednesday to the Indian Embassy. You can give your contribution by signing the petition on line ( and ) before Wednesday as to add another name to those who are asking for democracy in Myanmar. This contribution could help avoid another human tragedy.

Elisa Longobardi