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Britain out of EU: members featured on Franco-German TV channel Arte

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inside cafébabel

On 8 December, at 23:17,  the Franco-German television channel Arte screened a documentary on Great Britain's exit from the EU. Members of the network from Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Sweden were featured sharing their opinions on the topic.

'There was no need for the referendum that the Brits had organised about a euro exit. Most British people are for leaving the European Union. One year later, in 2016, presenter Theo Koll asks what the economic consequences of this exit are for the common market. The UK is after all the second biggest world financial centre. Without a nuclear presence, can the EU keep its rung on the geopolitical ladder? What will the new spread of power at the heart of the EU signify if the UK were not around?

This may be a fictional setup, but article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty stipulates that 'every member state can decide to leave the EU according to its own constitutional rules''

You can watch the video here; it is available for seven days on the main Arte website. You can only watch it in French or German, and in certain countries for the moment. If you want to skip through to the babelians featuring in the video, click through to minute 20!