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Image for Borderline: A fresh take on Poland and its borders

Borderline: A fresh take on Poland and its borders

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Katha Kloss

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Cafébabel’s newest editorial project wants to break with the (recent) one-sided view of Poland, 100 years after the country restored its independence. Sixteen young Europeans headed to the country to report on Polish youth, their visions of the future and their relationship to the country’s past.

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Białowieża forest: A debated neck of the woods © Nicolas Blandin

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The Polish paramilitary and uniform heaven © Artur Gutowski

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On the path of most resistance with the gay mayor changing Poland © Jakob Ganslmeier

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The shifting ground that is women’s football in Poland © Katarzyna Mazur

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Abortion in Poland: My body, your country, my choice? © Anna-Kristina Bauer