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Black Night Film Festival is open!

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Now that Poff is finally started, it's time to start talking about it...don't you think? Then, let's get back to Friday evening and the opening ceremony: touchy and glam as it should have been but, also...not exactly that perfect as someone wished!

Even if Vene Teater was charming and beautiful as usual, vips and athmosfere reminded everyone about the importance of the event, we cannnot deny that, while Mr. Nyman performance has been amazing, especially on playing a live soundtrack for "A man with a camera" ,Dziga Vertov’s classical film...the introduction has been notably...boring.

I know how rude is to write that but I guess a little conversation I had during the break with a Lithuanian guest could explain the general feeling of the audience.

I am sorry, maybe you understood better then me. Is it over?”, he asks me.

Yes. Now there should be the opening party in Park hotel”, I say.

But a tempestive witness of our conversation remark immediately “ No Sir, it is not finished yet. There is the second half still.”

I guess when so many people, as we did, get the way to the wardrob confusing a normal break with the end of everything...this should ring someone's bells.

Let's be honest, then.

The ETV Child Chorus has been fantastic. Their Ave Maria touched everyone as most of the trailers screened there for just few seconds gave us the feeling that this XI POFF edition will be something worth of spending hours over hours glued to our seats.

...but the introduction of every single member of every single jury...with pictures and short cvs  for everyone has been a bit too long.

But, as said, Mr. Nyman changed the evening with a performance able to wake everyone up and keep the whole public in silence for listening to his music.

It seemed that also mobiles, finally, volountarily choose not to disturb him, forgetting to ring and flash their shiny and annoying displays.

The party which followed has been also quite interesting: a warm way for getting to know each other, become closer between a drink and some delicious Estonian food offered by the organizers and start building a first schedule.

I personally had a great conversation hich I will try to post on this page later on today with Mr. Yuxing Zhuang, Chinese director of Teeth of Love, one of the favourite movies for the Eur-Asian contest

Concluding this first POFF-related post, I want to share with you something quite curious.

Right now I am on the bus on the way to Riga.

Free Wifi connection, free coffee, comfortable seats, tv...everything you might need for enjoying this bunch of hours doing what you need: working, chatting, calling via skype, watching a movie on streaming video.

At the same time, from here, I am reading that in Italy, for accessing to an internet connection in an internet cafè, you have to give your ID and, so, be registered.