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Bicyclists conquered streets of Budapest

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Cyclists of Budapest got together to demonstarte for environmentfriedly way of transport and for more bicycle lanes and paths to be built on the streets of Budapest yesterday, for the occasion of the European Car-free day.

P9220095_k.JPG Teenagers, students, young families with small children, pensioners, hard rockers and cute girls - all had taken the roads making noise with bike-bells and horns, sometimes shouting. When arriving to Kossuth tér, the square in front of the parliament all of them has stopped for a while and has taken up their bike above his head and started to chant in the same rythm: "BICIKLIUTAT!, BICIKLIUTAT!, BICIKLIUTAT!" (MORE CYCLE PATH, MORE CYCLE PATH, MORE CYCLE PATH!).

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Budapest woke P9220003_1.JPGup for a sleepy but very sunny morning this Saturday. Though being a car-free day, the ususally crowded roads were are full of cars again. On the other hand Andrássy út - the main avenue has been conquered by pedestrians. People of Budapest could enjoy the sun, take snacs and beers in beer gardens and participate in different programmes like road safety educational lectures organised by the Police during the whole day. P9220004.JPG


From 4 p.m. the ususal demonstartion of bicyclists, the Critical Mass started from Buda and on their way more and more people joined the mass. Last year they've counted 50 thousand participants thus being the biggest byciclist demonstration that has been ever taken place. This year they were around 35.000. Most of them were weekend cyclists, but the hard-core has been represented as well: people who would do not take any meter withouth his bike. They conquer the streets of Budapest twice a year, first on Earth day in spring, then in autumn on the 22nd of September.









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