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Image for Berlin: poor but sexy in a crisis

Berlin: poor but sexy in a crisis

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Yet the economic problems began more than a decade ago. The financial crisis has made it worse, but Berliners think up ways to overcome the depression and live happier with less money in one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals

Consumer shut

This big supermarket branch in Alt Tegel had to close down

Recycle Berlin

The Pankow district has a recycling centre called Kunst Stoffe. Leftover materials from companies are gathered and distributed as resources to create art and culture.

Even though Berlin offers few jobs (unemployment is at around 14.5%, double the German average), it is a magnet for European artists. As the openly gay mayor Klaus Wowereit has termed it: 'Berlin is poor but sexy'.

Dance to the tune of Berlin

Many Berliners already know that on Tuesday afternoons there is a free concert at the hall of the Berliner Philharmonie in the Tiergarten district

Open books

Others decide to sell some books in the subway station

Talking it through

During the conference 'capitalism: the end?', organised by the German association Attac, Thomas Dürmeier gives a talk about alternatives to capitalism

Black green underground

'Do you have any travel tickets that you no longer need?' Many travellers support ticket resales in this little black market

Wear a smile

A t-shirt designer has turned the 'the world crisis' into a memorable motto: 'the world is gonna make it' at this shopfront

Translated from Berlín y la crisis: “Pobre pero sexy”