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Being a Girl in Machoffice.

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The 90s business woman in all her brainless glory

My workplace is full of men. Being a girl with two breasts and a generous smile certainly helps me get stuff done quicker. I usually have no problem with it - it is only effective and sustainable because I take my job seriously and get stuff done anyway.

Today I got depressed by a poll commented in the Chilean weekly Qué Pasa. It established that Chilean WOMEN hold deeply machist views. Hence, females are off the job market not only because men and society make it harder for them, but also because women themselves believe they couldn't and SHOULDN'T work and succeed. So if both parents raise their kids to believe Mummy's only right place is at home to cook and groom, we're doomed. (Worryingly, the most educated have the most entrenched conservative opinions, but there's hope - the youngest women surveyed have the most progressive views.)

Am I perpetuating irrelevant and obsolete gender roles by wearing skirts (or picking pink and yellow for my blog template)?

Would my career develop differently if I were more stern?

Should I rule out fondness in the workplace?

Could my attitude harm me and women at large?

Whilst I mull over these questions, I'll share these Chilean blogs (in Spanish). They're girlie fun and hopefully harmless

Zancada for "all you talk about with your (girl)friends."

Viste La Calle for Chilean street fashion.

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