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Behind the numbers: Condoms at the Olympic Games

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Joseph Pearson

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The Olympic Committee has announced that it will be distributing 450,000 condoms to athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero. Always bring protection... especially when facing the Zika epidemic that has hit Brazil.

The Olympic Games in Rio have already broken Olympic records. More than two months before the contest's opening ceremony, the Committee has announced its intention to distribute a total of 450,000 condoms to athletes from the attending delegations. Comfort and pleasure is assured, thanks to the knowledge that each participant can now engage in safer sex a total of 84 times.

During the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sotchi, Russia, 100,000 condoms were distributed. It's proof that the awareness raised of the fight against AIDS following the Barcelona games was taken seriously by the high-ups of the international sporting world. That being said, with regard to the current Brazilian context, the mass rubber distribution is above all a response to a different national threat: the Zika epidemic, another sexually transmitted disease. Something had to be done to assuage the concerns of the arriving delegations.


This article is part of our Behind the Numbers series, illustrating newsworthy stats with artistic design and a brief analysis.

Translated from Le chiffre qui parle : les capotes des JO de Rio