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Behind the numbers: 98 concerts at Bataclan in 2015

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Joseph Pearson

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Before becoming the site of the worst tragedy in Parisian history, the Bataclan was, and will still be, one of the most mythical rooms in France. Since 1864 the concert hall, and its Chinese-inspired architecture, have hosted the cream of the crop when it comes to worldwide artistic talent. In 2015, a century and a half later, there have been 98 reasons to believe that this will always be true.

According to the archives of the site, 98 events were organised in at Bataclan in 2015 before the attacks of the 13th of November. 98 events in which 95 different artists participated, most often musicians, but sometimes comedians. Among them: Young ThugNina HagenMobb DeepFranz Ferdinand & Sparks, Death Cab For CutieBalthazarYoussouphaFauveFabrice ÉbouéLe Grand Orchestre de l'Élysée MontmartreGeorge EzraMalik Benthala, Eagle of Death Metal... a succession of names that proves that this one little room in Paris's 11th arrondissement provided one of the most exciting and eclectic musical programs in all of Europe.

The program also represents 98 occasions which confirm that the Bataclan is, to paraphrase The Guardian, "A place in which the story has always been one of joy". The 1500 people who flocked there did so for the love of music and the love of laughter. It is this image which must continue to illustrate the story of this room, a room which has already extended over more than half a century. It's reopening - whether in 2016 or in 5 years - will continue to write these stories.


This article is part of our Behind the Numbers series, illustrating newsworthy stats with artistic design and a brief analysis.

Translated from Le chiffre qui parle : le nombre de concerts au Bataclan