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Image for Behind the numbers: 81% of UK students to vote "Remain"

Behind the numbers: 81% of UK students to vote "Remain"

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The predicted results of the United Kingdom's referendum on EU membership change daily, but one thing seems pretty certain: there's a clear generational divide in voting intentions. A new poll of 12,000 students from the graduate app Debut predicts that as high as 81% of the countries student population intend to vote for "Remain".

Generation Y gets a rough ride. When we manage to find work in the first place, we get lower salaries than other age groups, and we're probably never going to retire. At least we have our right to register our disapproval democratically – if we actually make it out to the polls that is. There's growing worry that low turnout among young people could tip the scale of the UK's upcoming referendum on EU membership in favour of the Brexiteers

Building on previous polling data suggesting that seven out of 10 undergraduates were in favour of remaining in the EU, the graduate app Debut has published new findings polling 12,000 UK students – 81% of which say they are intending to vote "Remain".

Polling data should always be taken with a hefty pinch of salt (especially after such cataclysmic miscalculations in the run up to the general election). For example, those students surveyed were all the kind of individual who would sign up for Debut's graduate job recruitment app. The results are therefore likely to be skewed against those not in higher education. Past polling data has found that the working classes are in general more Eurosceptic than their middle class counterparts. We won't know what young people think for sure unless we make our voices heard on the 23rd of June.


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