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Bea Palya – one of the best world music performers

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Written by Juli Kubát The popular Hungarian world music singer’s latest record with the title Adieu les complexes has been chosen into the European World Music Charts’ best 20 list. The list is created by radio world music experts from twenty-three European countries each month. It makes us proud that we can listen to Bea’s – who is by the way a friend of cafebabel.

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Her name is not unknown for the European audience. In 2005 she made music for Tony Gatlif film: Transylvania. Besides, she gives quite a lot concerts with her quintet all around the continent. This year Beáta Palya was chosen by the Hungarian Minister of Culture to be the Ambassador of Hungarian Culture. She already has success in England, Germany, Spain and France. Next year she plans to conquer New York, too, where she will do a performance in the famous Carnegie Hall. The public love her voice, her music and also her kind nature. Especially because her concerts always have a special atmosphere since she always make the audience have fun with little plays. Her music is influenced by Hungarian literature, Transylvanian gypsy music, Bulgarian folk melodies, jazz and has some Middle-East origins. Most of the songs are written by herself and she usually sings about love, loneliness and travelling.

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