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Balkans and Beyond: Here comes the e-book!

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After months of hard work and patience, Balkans&Beyond's beautiful e-book is finally ready to be published. All we can say is that the results more than reflect the amazing efforts put in to the project.

A reminder of the project

Twenty-five years have passed since the start of the independence conflicts of the 90s: from Kosovo to Montenegro – passing Bosnia and Serbia – what does society in the Balkans look like today? What do its younger generations dream of and desire? How do they live and love? Are people Yugo-stalgic? Or more Europe-oriented? Migrations, a buzzing cultural scene, religious change and war scars... how is the region reinventing itself?

In an effort to illustrate the tremendous changes across the Balkans in the last twenty-five years – and following the success of the previous edition Beyond The Curtain – cafébabel has teamed up with the editorial project Balkans&Beyond, co-financed by cafébabel Berlin and Allianz Kulturstiftung.

The e-book

In order to explore the current political, social and cultural situations taking place in the Balkans, 15 talented journalists, photographers and video makers from the region went on the ground to complete their reports. These stories – both multimedia and print in form – are now published in both in English and German by way of the project's e-book. Click here to discover it!

Moreover, all the stories will also be published on and its media partners across Europe in May 2016. Furthermore, a photo exhibition is being organised in Berlin for the summer of 2016.


The project Balkans & Beyond is financed by Allianz Kulturstiftung and Babel Deutschland with moral support from the Babel International network.