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Babies support the European elections

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Only a few hours left before launching the European elections. Like the rythme of a song, polls keep predicting high abstention rates. But the European parliament decided to react. This years, the institution bets everything on communication, to gather as many voters as possible. The climax of this communication: a crying babies video... Efficient, really ? Our last Who Care made in Brussels.

Our series WHO CARES? is all about (g)local debates. What's going on in Poland that no Spanish person has ever heard about? What's blowing up the internet in the Netherlands and not in France? Well, as a European magazine, we care. WHO CARES? brings you news you haven't seen on your newsfeed yet.

Speaker: Amélie Tagu

Cover picture: (cc)Mortimer62/Flickr

Translated from Élections européennes : le soutien des bébés