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Jean Anot

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Hello everyone! The Babelpost is your weekly newsletter with fresh info on babelblogs and community stuff. Read it. It’s made for you! What blogs did you read most?

  1. Arirusila is still squatting the first place. Great focus on Croatia this week.

  2. Brussels moves up to second place, due to the recent burning news.

  3. Strasbourg

  4. Berlin

  5. Athens moves up as well!

Greece has been in the eye of the hurricane for a while now. Great coverage!

  1. Eurogeneration

  2. Paris is active again! Contact them! It's still time to get involved!

  3. Budapest

  4. Alice in Wonderland

  5. Sofia

    What articles were the most successful?

  6. Deeply ashamed.... Elina, our greek babelian, speaks her heart as Greece faces a tough time.

  7. Why the greek public service operates against the laws of the nature

  8. Petit manifeste en faveur de la contradiction |FR| Europe is filled with contradictions, are they forever?

    The Blog of the week is obviously from Athens.


It is incredibly interesting to follow the events from the inside! Right as I'm writing, a demonstration turned bad and a bank got set on fire. Follow the events day by day!

Cheers and see you next week,

Jean, your community manager

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