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Image for ‘Babelians’ of 2011 (12 images)

‘Babelians’ of 2011 (12 images)

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These were the activists, philosophers, artists and citizens whom we met each month of this year across our pan-European citizen media landscape, from Egypt to Russia - follow the links to re-read the articles. Happy holidays!

January 2011

Julien Bayou, 30, French activist: 'Europe’s youth: ‘Obvious to see why you’d be disenchanted' (Image © Sladjana Perkovic)

February 2011

Yuriy Gurzhy, Ukrainian-born DJ and producer in Berlin: ‘Achtung! The party is Russian-rock-free’ (Image © Dmitriy Shakhin/

March 2011

Jewish director Susanne Bier joined the ranks of contemporaries Lars Von Trier to mark 2011 as a Danish year for award-winning films. Read 'Denmark 2011 Oscar for In A Better World - but not a very Danish movie' (Image (cc) In a Better World/ imdb)

April 2011

Laszlo Tengelyi (not pictured): 'The problem of being a philosopher in Hungary' (Image (cc) Josh Pesavento (broma)/ flickr)

May 2011

Gökçe Koç (not pictured), politics student, 28: 'Istanbul ‘sex bus’: student beaten for defending couple speaks' (Image (cc) ∆ matt caplin ∆/ Matt Caplin/ flickr)

June 2011

Giulio Spatola, 26, Mr Gay Europe 2011: ‘People like me don’t create a spectacle’ (Image © courtesy of Giulio Spatola Mr Gay Italia 2010 facebook page)

July 2011

Aris Chatzistefanou, writer, journalist and Debtocracy director: ‘Greece should exit eurozone’ (Image: (cc) FREDDIE F./ blogspot)

August 2011

Sila Sahin, 25, Turkish-German actress: 'First ‘muslim playboy model’' (Image: © Jan Zappner)

September 2011

Mohamed El Deeb: 'Revolution rapper, Tahrir square’s figurehead' (Image © Sherif Hany photography courtesy of deeb/ facebook)

October 2011

We first meet Voina, Moscow-based self-styled ‘street art gang’ formed in 2005, in October (Image: (cc)  Voina/ wikimedia)

November 2011

Susanne Graf, youngest MP in German parliament, 19: ‘Those who remember the GDR know what it means to be observed constantly’ (Image © Tobias Sauer)

December 2011

RIP Vaclav Havel, Czech dissident, former president and playwright, 75 (Image: (cc) p.a.j.a./ flickr)