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Babelian of the Month: Prune Antoine

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Kait Bolongaro

Prune didn't do much other than write the biggest investigative journalism piece for cafébabel on organ trafficking in Kosovo. That merits a prize. And questions.

cafébabel: You live in Germany. Have they changed you?

Prune: They have taught me.

CB: What's your punchline at the moment?

What is a punchline? You guys need to stop believing you are in House of Cards. If you insist, "Wer will, der kann"  ( "Whosoever wants, can"  Ed.)

CB: Tell us three countries where you can live better than your home and why.

There is only one and it's Greece for the light, food and chaos.

CB: If you could have double nationality, which one would you take?


CB: What is the latest cultural object on your nightstand?

Quiès balls. My boyfriend snoring. (Everyone knows the cultural life ends at the doors of conjugal life).

CB: Where can we usually find you on a Friday night?

With a cup of tea or a litter of wine, depending on my psychological state, in front of Bauer such Frau ("Farmer seeks wife").

CB: What advice would you give to Emma Watson?

I don't give advice, I give orders.

CB: It is true that German men don't know how to flirt?

Thank you for reading my deepest articles.

CB: Would you prefer to know a little about a lot of things or a lot about a few things?

Why don't I have the right to the same questions as the other Babelians of the month?

CB: If you had to accept an Oscar, who would you thank?


To read Prune's thrilling account of organ trafficking in Kosovo, read it here.

Translated from La Babélienne du mois : Prune Antoine