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The most viewed Babelblogs for the start of 2009 1. ’s local team La Parisienne leads with their blog written in 5 languages   http://paris.cafebabel.



The voice of Estonia which brings you almost daily news from the freezing region up North


The blog which you are reading! Coffeefactory tells you everything important going on at


The children of the Erasmus program, Interrail and low-cost travels with a babelian mind


The very colorful site of our local team in Hungary


Politics seen from an artistic angle: Linea presents you the best cartoon strips out of the web


Our local team in Bruxells brings you news from the European capital in three languages including Flemish


Followed by the other European capital and a very active team that brings you lots of monthly debates


A personal perspective on events in the western Balkans from a Finish expert on civil crisis management


The resurrection of the London blog thanks to Katherine and her team!

The Babel blog sphere is constantly gaining clicks and evolving thanks to you. Keep up the good work!