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Babel Reporter for Dummies!

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Babel Reporter

Everything you want to know about Babel Reporter project. Step by step. Follow the guide! Babel Reporter is the first transnational collective of European journalists, sending multicultural teams of photographers and journalists together to realise reportages in Europe. 1. What is Babel Reporter?

The objective is to produce high quality feature articles, photo reportages and possibly multi-media reportages that will be resold to magazines all around Europe. For each trip, we send 4 Babel Reporters (2 teams of 1 photographer and 1 journalist from different countries) to realise in depth reportages during 5 days in Europe.

2. What’s the working principle?

Each team (journalist and photographer) has the responsibility to resell its articles.   There will be a total of 4 publications (2 per teams).the first time in the country of the photographer the second time in the country of the journalistAfter the articles have been sold, “mercenary” from network can resell the articles all around Europe.The more articles are sold, the more money everyone makes! For this ambitious project, we’re looking for 4 talented freelance reporters (photographer and journalist) from at least 3 different European countries.

3. What’s the dream team?

Reporters should be below 35 years old and have concrete experience in selling articles and excellent journalistic skills.Proficiency in English is necessary. Other languages are appreciated.Knowledge in video/multimedia reportage is highly appreciated. Reporters should apply with CV, motivation letter and examples of articles or photos already published to Prune Antoine ( In order to target magazines in Europe, we will focus on three major themes

4. What kind of articles ?

The format of the editorial production should bePolitics & society Tourism & travel Culture The association Babel International editing the European magazine is at the initiative of Babel Reporter. It brings to Babel Reporter its brand ( and notoriety in the field of European journalism.Articles should be 12 000 to 14 000 signs spaces included Photo gallery should comprise a set of 25 photographic images illustrating the article

5. What’s the role of Babel International /

In the framework of Babel Reporter, Babel International takes in charge The journalist and the photographer have to 50% of travel expenses coordination of the project (editorial impulse legal and administrative framework for payment professional translation and international diffusion 

6. What’s the role of the Babel Reporter?

The mercenary is a member of local offices around Europe. Being involved in their country with, they have good contacts with national press. Today, is present in 14 European countries.present the synopsis of their article to potential clients prior to departure prepare their trip (flight, housing, interviews, choose of the fixer etc.) sell the article to a national magazine

7. What’s the role of the mercenary?

Mercenary's role is to Yes, we strongly encourage the participants of this program to be each other’s mercenary. Doing so, Babel Reporters will enjoy the same benefits as the "mercenary". (see paragraph Revenue Sharing) contact potential magazine in his country resell the article

8. Can a Babel Reporter be a mercenary too?

As a Babel Reporter, you are the best person to talk about the program and you personally know the Babel Reporters you’ve been travelling with. Travel expenses, housing, and fees will be financed 50% by Babel International up to 400€ per Babel Reporter.

9. Who pays for travel expenses, housing and fees?

The remaining 50% are at the charge of the Babel Reporter.This amount has been calculated on a estimation of flight ticket (round trip ticket), housing in hotel (6 nights), fees (6 days), and fixer (5 days) expenses. A minimum of 3 professional translations in other languages are financed by Babel International within its network of translators.

10. Who pays for translations?

11. What is the revenue sharing?

Revenue Sharing selling Journalist 30%Photographer 30%Mercenary (either photographer/journalist) 10%BI selling30%total 100%republishing  Journalist 30%Photographer 30%Mercenaire 10%BI republishing30%total 100%

We recommend that you sell your piece 1 000€ (article + photos).

12. What’s the price I’m supposed to sell my article?

This price is based on the estimation of the average market price for a 12 000 signs article and a set of 25 professional photos.

13. Is there a minimum selling price for the articles?

There is no minimum price for selling your article. Just remember that if you sell your piece for less than 800€ (article + photos), you will hardly cover your own travel expenses.

This is not in your interest and in the interest of Babel Reporter to sell your article for a low price.

14. What if I don't sell my article at all?

If you don't sell your article, you will penalize your partner, Babel Reporter and... yourself of course!

So we hope this would not happen, because if you join Babel Reporter, it’s because you want to sell and be published!

The money you’ll get will depend on the quality of your article, your capacity to sell it for a good price, and the number of republication that will be made by the network of mercenaries.

15. I’m a Babel Reporter, how much do I get?

For example:

If you sell your piece (article + photos) 2 times for 1 500€, this is the (after deduction of travel expenses you have to pay) that you’ll get

net income

If your article is resold by a mercenary for the price of 1 500€, this is what you’ll get for after each re-publicationjournalist: around 900€ photographer: around 900€


If you are a yourself, and manage to sell an article for the price of 1 500€, this is what you’ll get for each re-publication : journalist: around 450€ photographer: around 450€


The more articles are sold and resold, the more money everyone makes!mercenary : 300€ Prior to departure, all Babel Reporters sign a contract with Babel International of exclusive assignment of the exploitation rights on one year period. It means that for each publication or reproduction of your article during one year, the revenue sharing will apply to you, your partner and Babel International.

16. What’s the contract I sign with Babel International?

Babel International owns the exploitation rights: it is responsible for coordination of the project, translation, for signing contracts of publication and reproduction with the clients, and for redistributing the money to the entitled beneficiary. After publication, its aim is to assure the best prices and best exploitation of your article by providing its network of resellers around Europe.The Babel Reporters own the moral rights for their articles: they are responsible for the content and need to give their agreement before any republication of their article. Each contract of publication/reproduction is signed between Babel International and the client (magazine).

17. How is the money redistributed?

Upon receipt of the money from the client, Babel International redistributes the money to the Babel Reporters within a period of 15 working days. The client owns the publication/reproduction rights for a limited period of time ( more or less 3 months), for a limited sector of activity (travel print magazine, culture print magazine, internet etc.), and for a limited geographical zone (regional, national). This is negotiated with the client.

18. What are the exclusivity rules?

This means that Babel International can sell the same article several times, in different press supports, and in different countries. When the article is published/reproduced, the following names should appear

19. Who will be credited?

name of journalist name of photographer name of translator name Babel Reporter©

This document is protected by copyrights law. Reproduction is strictly forbidden. Babel International all rights reserved.