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April Fool’s: We were (mostly) joking

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It’s April Fool’s Day and cafébabel wasn’t an exception to the rules. Yes, we were pulling your leg, our magazine is not dead. The opposite is true! That being said, there’s no need to beat around the bush, keeping an independent media running remains a daily battle. Yet he who laughs last, laughs best.

Dear Babelians,

You have surely read our article, published on the 1st of April, declaring that the cafébabel adventure would come to an end next November. You can relax; it was only an April Fool’s day joke. Fortunately for you, and for us!

We are firmly on track and more motivated than ever to continue developing the magazine. For 2016, which as you recall is our 15th anniversary, we already have a long list of projects in mind.

To kick things off, our EUtoo reporting series continues on its merry way as a new team prepares to take off for Berlin in two weeks time to meet the disenchanted youth of Europe. The unveiling of our video celebrating our 15th anniversary is also imminent, for your viewing pleasure. What’s more, the development of our local teams continues, with the recent arrival of cafébabel Aarhus! A special mention also goes to our Italian network, which has exploded its creative output these last few months. Finally, our book project is currently in the process of launching its crowdfunding campaign. We won’t give too much away on the subject; you will know more about it in the coming weeks!

This April Fool does however contain a reminder that independent media are fragile and that keeping a European magazine such as cafébabel afloat is a constant battle. We have created an original, innovative journalistic model: participative, European, and multilingual. In a context where the European project is withering and public finance grants are lower than ever, keeping a project like cafébabel alive will remain a constant battle.

If cafébabel continues its progress beyond these 15 years, it’s thanks to you, authors, translators, photographers, members of our local teams, and readers all across Europe who believe in a European media that carries the voice of young people and speaks to all Europeans. That’s why our team gives 100%, every day, so that this catastrophic scenario can remain a simple fiction.

Thank you once again for your words of affection, your confidence and your daily support – from the bottom of my heart. And don’t forget, cafébabel is alive and well, and we will do everything in our power to keep being so for years to come!

Translated from Poisson d'avril : les dents de l'amer