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Anna M.

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France, 2006 : Michel Spinosa Script and direction : Isabelle Carré, Gilbert Melki, Anne Consigny Cast : Alain Duplantier Photography : Patrick Sobelman Producer


Who does decide what love is? What separates madness form common sense? Anna M. is in love, brutally in love, destructively in love. Anna M.

has the syndrome of Clerambault, what other people call ‘psychosis of the old lady’ or ‘erotic paranoia’, erotomania. Michel Sponosa tells us in his third film, after his debut (1994) a ‘complicated’ love story, as Spinosa described it in the of the Berlinale ‘07, where the film was also took part. An uncontrolled story of love and passion which a woman lives unavoidably alone, trying by all means to share it with his beloved being, a happily-married doctor who helped her to recover –physically– from a suicide attempt. Anna M. lived, before being what they call erotomanic, a gloom life.

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The film was released in France and Belgium in the last spring and it is presented to the Spanish audience in the Official Section of the European Seville Film Festival. In every session, the theatres are full of film lovers who want to quench their thirst of good cinema and want to judge the artistic value of the film. With both photography and music exquisite, Spinosa tries to transport us to the micro-universe of the sweet and reserved Anna M., the isolated and lonely world of the one who restores books in a library and, besides, is erotomanic.

Concha Hierro del Hoyo

Translated by

Antonio Martínez Pérez

Translated from Anna M.