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And the pizza maker from Oakland asked: “Does Italy still exist?”

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Adriano Farano


Oracle Arena, Oakland, California. It is 7:29 pm of the 6th of November. The NBA match between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers is about to start off. As hungry as I am… I feel bald enough to queue up to buy a… ”pizza”. Soon my turn arrives, I order and ask to pay by traveller’s cheque. The woman (eighty years old) at the checkout point calls for the owner who asks for my passport. He grabs it and says- Italy? Is it still a country? - Yes, of course. Why? - Well, with the Euro you guys are like a single state now, right? - Well, you are not completely wrong. In fact if you read carefully on the passport you will see that up on the first line it goes: “European Union” - All right…so now you are like the USA, right? It was just about time - Kind of… yes. Kind of... Maybe European unity is still a long way to come. But if even a pizza maker in Oakland is aware that Europe is getting closer, that means something down there is starting to stir. Which is encouraging. Afterwards my moral dropped because the team I was supporting, the Warriors has lost the fourth match in a row since the beginning of the Championship…proving to be one of the saddest teams in the NBA. That must be because Marco Belinelli, from Italy, sorry, from the EU with “furore”, has not come out to play…

Translated from Und in Oakland fragt man sich schon: „Gibt es Italien eigentlich noch?“