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An hesitating Hillary reminds Ségolène Royal and Walter Veltroni

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Adriano Farano


Last Tuesday Hillary Clinton officially joined the club of our own Italian para-politicians. The wife of the former US President has indeed answered with a “yes, no, maybe” when questioned about the subject that is now embittering America: illegal immigrants.

The Governor of New York suggested, for practical reasons, to issue driver’s licenses even to immigrants without a regular visa, stirring up the critics of the Republicans. To a precise question by the anchorman of the debate between the primary elections candidates, Hillary asserted that she understood Eliot Spitzer’s choice. Then, evidently in a tight spot, she asked the leave to speak to state that she did not say that she agrees with him. Eventually, she tried to patch things up declaring that, all in all, it wasn’t such a bad idea. Her hesitation resembles Ségoléne Royal’s catastrophic campaign. The socialist candidate appeared to be too unresolved on key subjects such as Turkey joining the EU, declaring that she would have called a referendum to make the French decide and giving mixed signals. As last Veltroni, who has just won the primary elections for the Democratic Party, was the main target of Crozza satyr (Italian comedian – see video below) for his capability of being unable to choose. Hillary, Ségolène, Veltroni: if the para-politic is effective for winning the primaries, as demonstrated by the Italian and the French politicians, it is not enough to win the main elections. Madame Royal is not keen to explain that to Hillary maybe because the New York senator refused to meet the then anti-Sarkozy candidate, considered to be too radical.

Translated from Hillary, Ségolène und Veltroni