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AirBaltic Will Refund Tickets to People Who Loses Jobs

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The company decided to tackle the rising unemployment in the Baltics

While trying to make out of Riga international airport the main one in the Baltic, AitBaltic will hold a conference named “Going to the North Hub Riga” in Radisson SAS Daugava on April the 29th for discussing its development and the trends of the airlines market with industry leaders, government representatives and relevant officials from the European Union.

Focusing on the traffic of the North-Eastern European region, the event will be an occasion to share views on the future of competitive hubs in the industry and discuss the future of European aviation looking social trends, customer expectations and habits, and the resulting demand for air transportation.

In the past few years the Latvian international airport increased its traffic becoming a transfer hub not only for from the other two Baltic States, but also from Scandinavia, Western Europe and the East and the airline is now going through is plan of making the hub grow more by the end of 2012

The conference will allow aviation industry leaders, government representatives and relevant officials from the European Union to exchange views and experiences related to the direction in which the industry is headed, with an emphasis on the future of competitive hubs in the industry.

Riga is being developed as a hub for the North-Eastern region of Europe and“Keeping this development in mind, we plan to expand the Riga Airport,” says airBalticPresident Bertolt Flick. “This is a development which must be promoted with all due diligence by all who are involved in this process. If we are to strengthen Riga’s position as a major transfer hub for West-East and North-South passengers, then we will need more terminal space, new and efficient facilities for the handling of transit passengers, attractive shops and the other amenities that modern travelers expect during their journeys.”

In the mean time the PR activity of the airline did not stop and AirBaltic took out of the hat an initiative which will probably make someone feel better: the company announced that it will refund the full cost of economy class tickets to passengers who have lost their jobs between the purchase of the ticket and the date of the planned flight.

“We see that people are increasingly becoming unemployed in the Baltic States, and we must be understanding in terms of coming toward our passengers by compensating them for the money that they’ve spent on tickets.” Flick said.

An initiative, this one, we hope to see soon followed  by many other companies.

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