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Acropolis Museum to stay open late

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From January 28, the Acropolis Museum will stay open until 10pm on Fridays so that visitors can tour the exhibits while also viewing the floodlit Acropolis at night.   The museum will also begin a programme for the conservation and restoration of the Caryatid sculptures - structural columns holding up the temple's porch that were carved to look like young women - from the Erechtheum.

The programme includes using laser tools to clean the sculptures from atmospheric pollution and remove factors causing damage, affix less secure areas of the marble and restore their structure. The museum has chosen not to move them from the gallery during the process, in order to avoid the strain of an additional move. It also hopes to allow visitors to get first-hand experience of procedures that until now took place in inaccessible laboratories.    On January 28 at 8pm, conservation specialist Kostas Vassiliadis will present the cleaning process of the Caryatids to the public. Source: Athens News