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Abortions in Ireland: A drop in the bucket

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Translation by:

Viola Stefanello

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In a historic referendum on May 25th, a large percentage of Ireland's citizens voted in favour of legalising abortions in one of Europe's most conservative countries when it comes to civil rights. Although this victory was celebrated across the continent, many countries are still lagging behind...


Precise data on the Irish referendum.

The situation in the rest of Europe and, in particular, Gibraltar, Hungary and Poland.

Data on conscientious objection to abortion in Italy, stories from within Italian hospitals - and Italian pro-lifers

Our series WHO CARES? is all about (g)local debates. What's going on in Poland that no Spanish person has ever heard about? What's blowing up the internet in the Netherlands and not in France? Well, as a European magazine, we care. WHO CARES? brings you news you haven't seen on your newsfeed yet.

Story by

Viola Stefanello

Journalism and International Affairs Master Student at Sciences Po / Intern at Cafébabel.

Translated from Aborto: l'Irlanda dice sì, ma quali paesi sono ancora indietro?