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A walking tree - Approaching the concept of „Heimat“

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A projet of Bazarts (www.bazarts.


The Roots under the asphalt

bazart beneath my feet

sometimes become entwined with me

Sometimes with the place

That I just left

And sometimes to both

In one single movement.

I think this is

What you call


bazartBazarts, the European artistic platform, is back on the cultural scene of the capital of Europe. With “Heimat – Racines – Roots” (exhibition from 24-30 June 2007) the artists of the group dare to approach a universal phenomenon which is sometimes difficult to comprehend. In their pictorial, textual and sculptured reflections they explore the notion “Heimat” to its outer limits and beyond, painting it by its numbers. The visitors are invited to discover the universe of roots in all its varieties. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you meet a walking tree. He will probably tell you something about yourself.