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A strange wind is coming from East. Springtime or radioactivity?

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Yesterday Baltic Business News published a short not about a fact that, although we did not spend too much time on commenting it -true, we have all been busy following Queen Beatrix of Nethelands in her walks in Rottermanni and Town Hall -, it still does not make me feel completely safe.

“The third reactor at the Leningrad nuclear power station, located in northwest Russia, was shut down by an emergency protection system, RIA Novosti reports.

"The reactor was being tested after having been recently modernized and was operating at a half capacity of 500 MW when the emergency automatic shutdown system went into effect, Russia's state-controlled nuclear power corporation Rosenergoatom said .”

“Rosenergoatom added that there was no radiation leak from the unplanned shutdown.”

Now, seriously, would you feel safe after discovering so?

Unfortunately to my wallet and my nerves I have been to Russia. I stayed speechless in front of the Hermitage as I did the same looking at the conditions of some pretended-to-be-factories.

Places full of people constantly sweating and working on something so much impossible to understand that it makes you think they are just pretending to have a job for keeping the unemployment rate low enough and give a contribution on projecting Russia back into the world's leaders club.

Plus – as everyonelse, I guess – I know how reliable Russian pressers can be, especially when they are linked to some sensitive events.

Mah. At least today is sunny.

I will soon forget about all this.