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Image for A new metro station for Athens in Agia Paraskevi

A new metro station for Athens in Agia Paraskevi

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After six years since the line 3 was extended to the Airport, finally the Agia Paraskevi station opened today, being the 30th underground metro station in greater Athens. In 2004, when line 3 was extended to the airport, three of the stations between Chalandri and Ministry of Defense stations were left behind due to the Olympic rush. After the 2004 Olympics, works started in the three stations..

However, in a typical example of Greek bureaucracy, it was discovered that the station of Agia Paraskevi (which opened today) could not be built unless the line stopped from operating.Thus, two years before, the Athenians suffered from the part-closure of the line for the Agia Paraskevi station to be built. Hopefully, the station now is operating and has  three underground levels, two entrances and exits. According to calculation it will facilitate 20,000 passengers daily.    The distance to the downtown Athens Syntagma square station is covered in 13 minutes, which is a record time, especially during rush hour, where the same distance is about 45-50 minutes using a car.