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Image for A little Christmas gift from Tallinn - from an Italian in Tallinn...

A little Christmas gift from Tallinn - from an Italian in Tallinn...

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I know, this post wil look quite unusual for this page, especially as it might sound as a kind of terrible advertising for something...but as Christmas is almost here and everyone is getting crazy with Christmas shopping, I decided to offer my own gift to our readers by giving them a precious hint about Tallinn. Let's make it a bit romantic. Do you mind?

Lately I have often been thinking about us, Italians abroad, and the way we have changed since, let's say, the last 10 years.We always had some signs that made us look “different” from the other people...Once we used to walk around carrying coloreful Invicta bags on our shoulders, horrible small leather ones on our waists  – because always said “ Don't keep your wallet in your pocket!  - as we used to express all our happiness for finding la Gazzetta dello Sport with loud and crazy yells.


But time passes by and people change. I guess this is what we all call evolution.So our bags and happiness left place to an incredible amount of gel someone like putting the hair – I really want to see some of  them in 10 years! - , to huge sport shoes or to our talking loud on ultra-modern mobiles for rassuring that “Yes, I am wearing warm clothes and yes, I am eating properly “.


Nevetheless there is something we did not change, an habit not even evolution has been able to kill. Our addiction to Italian espresso and our way of looking for it anywhere we are.Immigrants as me never leave without putting a Bialetti – I would suggest two as I know how some temporary flatmates tend to like it too much for giving it back... - in their bags, while tourists still spend a considerable part of their holidays drinking tons of espressos hoping to find something which will remind them the one they used to get home.But...Why am I writing all this, you might be asking.Well, because, at least in Tallinn, I found the solution to our problem!How?Just read on.While walking in the pictoresque Old Town and enjoying the Christmas spirit of its streets I ended up in a street named Lai where an Illy sign captured my attention.You do not know what Illy is?Well, then just leave it. This post is not for you!Tho I always try to avoid following most of the clichés about my country, I did not know how to resist opening the small door  next to the sign, coming in and asking for an espresso.And the process started)The noise coming from the machine, the dingling of the small ceramic cup while sitting on its proper plate, of the small metal spoon while joning them was simply ''as it should have been.''And then, after all those magic sounds,  the coffee appeared.And its smell followed.Mmmhhh...Do you want to know something about the taste too?Believe me, you should not ask.I am not sure I am able to exactly describe the powerful explosion of senses and feelings the small brownish liquid provoked in me. The only chance you have for discovering is, believe me, just trying it yourself!And...remember, don't forget to call me when you will decided to go there. I am always up for such a pleasure!