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PoliticsMEPs... Say What!?

Who says EU politicians are a bunch of faceless bureaucrats? They're people just like us, and here's the proof. Each week Cafébabel brings you a selection of the weirdest, whackiest and most touching Tweets from European parliamentary candidates. We'll bring you bright ideas, brilliance and loonies, and reasons to vote in the May elections.

Übersetzung: 23. April: Nichts zu feiern! … Drachen zu töten ist keine Kultur!

In Spanien gerät der Stierkampf immer mehr in Kritik. „Stiere töten ist keine Kultur“. Die Region Katalonien ist die Einzige, in der der Stierkampf verboten ist. Zuletzt hatten sich Aktivisten in Barcelona Kämpfe geliefert für die Abschaffung geliefert und ein Verbot durchgesetzt.  

Trans­la­tion: 80 bil­lion plas­tic bags less are a great suc­cess for Eu­rope and our oceans! “Plas­tic out of our oceans”

On 16 April the Eu­ro­pean Par­lia­ment passed a di­rec­tive to cut throw-away plas­tic bag use by 50% by 2017 and 80% by 2019. In­di­vid­ual states will choose their strat­egy. 100 bil­lion plas­tic bags are used in the EU every year. 8 bil­lion of them end up in Eu­rope's seas. 94% of North Sea birds have plas­tic in their stom­ach. So it's an his­toric day for Eu­rope's wildlife.

Trans­la­tion: Happy Easter every­one.

Who says Chris­tians can't keep up with the times? Jesus, tra­di­tion­ally hum­blest of the hum­ble, is here trans­formed into a mod­ern day celebrity, the son of the selfie gen­er­a­tion, cru­ci­fied on the alter of his own ego, which has been in­flated by flash­ing cam­era phones and coo­ing fans. But what of the 2nd com­mand­ment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any like­ness of any thing that is in heaven above"? Thank God there were no cam­era phones in Jesus' day.

Trans­la­tion: The NSA al­ready knows who you're going to vote us.

Face­book knows you're gay be­fore you come out. As our lives are in­creas­ingly dom­i­nated by our on­line ac­tiv­ity, and as in­ter­net gi­ants be­come in­creas­ingly as­tute at analysing "big data", our se­crets be­come far less se­cret. As the Guardian puts it "Google doesn't just know you're gay be­fore you tell your mum; it knows you're gay be­fore you do." Data pro­tec­tion is a flag­ship Pi­rate Party pol­icy. It's in­creas­ingly ap­par­ent that it should be a basic human right.