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2.000 European Students on the Sea!

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From May the 10th till May the 12th more than 2.000 students will partecipate to "Sea Battle" an event organized by the Erasmus Student Network!

Organized by the Erasmus Student Network Sweden, Estonia and Finland, the “Sea Battle” will be an incredible two days of cruising, turism and partying right on the Baltic sea.

Involving more than 2.000 students from all over Europe it announces as one of the greatest events for celebrating the beginning of spring, now that finally the sun started to warm also some of the coldest European spots.

Leaving from Tallinn harbor - Terminal D  -on May the 10th the cruise will take then the way to Stockholm where it will stay for some hours during the 11th morning before heading back to the Estonian capital.

For more information about this event you can visit the ESN - Estonia page or contact