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11 cities, 11 special city editions of feature reports, 11 local debates: We’re kicking off our yearly series of monthly reporting missions to a different city in our Europe-wide network



Step 1: what’s it about

WHAT IS IT: This year, we will continue our monthly editorial series, ‘EU Crisis on the ground’ (funded by the European commission).

TO DO WHAT: Valorising local, positive citizen initiatives that have emerged out of the crisis. Comparing this on a pan-European playing field. Finding young, positive angles on the crisis.

Step 2: recruiting you

WANTED: We need three journalists, one video maker and one photographer to join this mission - writing on aforesaid offbeat, crisis-related topics with the support of Warsaw locals, and attending a local debate held in Warsaw.

It’s your proposals that will get you noticed for this mission: so be creative, do some research, flog your idea donkeys to me. Prepare yourself!

(NOTE: This weekend will be a very special one for our team of journalists as it’s the election weekend after the tragedy of Smolensk. We will try and do some coverage on the side for the magazine if possible!)

Step 3: you on EU crisis on the ground

LOGISTICS: Book your own flights/ trains to Warsaw: up to 250 euro is reimbursed by upon return from the trip, along with other travel, food expenses up to 25 euro every day (figures TBC). The team will be accommodated in an apartment/ hostel.

EDITORIAL: the editor in Paris and locals in Warsaw will help define your article; you should find some possible interviewees prior to the trip for your time in the city.

The written piece is due in strictly one week later, when the relevant linguistic editor in Paris will edit your piece, which will be translated by our volunteer networks, and then published the following month.

Step 4 : email Katha at with your CVs, three-line article proposals, link with the news and crisis, ideas of interviewees

Hope to hear from you soon!


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