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A través de Babel

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A través de Babel

And they said one to another: «Go to, let us braid copper wire and build optic fiber». And so they did. And they said: «Go to, let us build us a virtual tower, whose top may reach unto every part of the world; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.».


Even thought the net reaches the whole world, even thought the citizens themselves are the main producers of the content of internet, even thought the net was never so organized as now, the truth is that the real connection between people from different societies is still very weak.

The language is an obstacle impossible to overcome for the main part of the world population, therefore the contents produced in every country remain inside (with the exception of the richest countries). Because of the language the national borders are reproduced in the net, where there shouldn't be any borders.

The great chance of building a real communication, the dream of a worldwide connection between all the cultures and societies, fades away and is limited to the most spoken languages and the contents produced by the big media.

Even inside an economic developed continent like Europe, it's easier for a Spaniard to travel to Serbia or Germany than to access to contents created in these countries.

A través de Babel (through Babel) arises to attack this problem. Our purpose is to translate blogs from every country in all the languages that we can. And we talk about blogs and not other kind of pages, because we think that blogs are the most representative contents of the way of think and see the world of a society.

This project is open to everybody who wants to join us, and its approach will be decided for the collaborators. If you speak some foreign language and you want to collaborate translating, or you want to help with the organization, or you just have any comment, write us to   direcc.