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Fixing Europe’s Soul

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Dear Babelians,

Like you we have been glued to the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. And probably like you, we have been trying in the last weeks to make sense of this bloody and dreadful war. This spring 2022 was supposed to be relatively quiet for the magazine as we are preparing and polishing several big projects (more on that in the coming weeks). But now, times have changed and we need to change our plans. That’s why we launched this week “Fixing Europe’s Soul”. This bi-weekly newsletter (only in English for the time being) we hope to provide some perspectives, insights on the horrific events unfolding in our continent. You can subscribe here and feel free to ping us if you have any comments, tips, insights, suggestions or rants! Here’s an extract of the first issue which was published on Tuesday morning where we explained what we want to do. —

Europe is in survival mode. And this is not an euphemism. Yesterday evening, the European Union adopted a new package of sanctions on the export of luxury products – like Belgian diamonds to French and Italian luxury clothings, perfumes etc. – and the bloc continues to cut economic ties with Russia. Besides military and humanitarian aid, we are likely to see 3 million Ukrainian refugees in the EU this week. And let’s not forget the over 200,000 Russians who fled the country in the last three weeks.

Europe on the ground has never been so real. To be honest with you, we did not really know what to do when the war started. Our staff and volunteers were focusing on Cafébabel’s transformation into a fully-fledged media (more on that in the coming months) and to wrap up the first year of Sphera. So that’s why we decided – before the invasion – to slow down our publication schedule a bit. But our plans have to change.

Ripple effect. Starting today we aim to send a bi-weekly newsletter “Fixing Europe’s Soul.” To report on the war, its implications on the ongoing European debates and lives: climate emergency, social justice, culture, refugees, the rule of law. We aim to publish on Mondays and Thursdays, just before dinner time. The newsletter will be in English but we promise, as soon as we are able to translate in our other languages, we will do so!

We want your feedback! We are of course welcoming Babelians’ tips, views and insights. How the invasion of Ukraine is affecting your lives? You want to mention local initiatives in your city or region? Do you have a story, some contacts, a book, a link, a movie, a band to share? Just answer this email, we are all ears! Feel free also to send your comments, rants or suggestions.

For those who can. We do not have some funding or grants for this project. But we are revamping our J’aime L’Info account where you can make a one-shot or monthly donation. French residents can benefit from a tax break. Even a couple of euros would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!

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