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  • The Difference Between Costs and Discount Rate Fly Fishing Flies Exactly how large of a distinction do superior fly angling flies make to your day on the water? There are many available marketing "Top quality" or "Costs" fly angling flies, but are vice versa. A costs completely dry fly will land right-side up, float appropriately and constantly, and also retain those properties even after catching 5,10, also 20 fish. On the other hand, incorrectly tied flies will commonly land upside-down, on their side, or perhaps on their head. A premium trout fly in a fly shop expenses anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00, bass and also surf flies $3.00 - $5.00 but there are actually dozens of on the internet stores that supply similar patterns for half that rate. You might pay even more for a costs fly at a fly shop however research suggests the fly will last virtually 10 times much longer.