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Image for Zagreb’s four walls: four young Croatian photographers and visual artists invite us in (18 images)

Zagreb’s four walls: four young Croatian photographers and visual artists invite us in (18 images)

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Somewhere between the suburbs and downtown Zagreb, crossing its schools and parks, Serbian photographer Nemanja Knezevic meets fellow photographers and visual artists who define a committed, calm and apolitical creative generation. This image gallery is part of Orient Express Reporter,’s 2010-2011 feature focus on the Balkans

Park Zrinjevac

One of the most popular parks in Zagreb near the central Ban Jelacic square, halfway towards the main railway station. It also serves as home to the city's annual gay pride marches (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

View from the upper town

Zagreb cathedral looms in the background (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Green market

Near Ban Jelacic square (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Trying different perspectives

Ban Jelacic square (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

OKO, 29, visual artist

OKO lives in downtown Zagreb where she is finishing her studies at the academy of fine arts. She has been actively involved in the street art scene for some years now and is turning her hand to making experimental music. Zagreb is her childhood city, but she’d like to move elsewhere. Her work can be found in some Croatian private art collections and are currently on sale in London (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

City view

From the politics department where Radio Student 105 FM is situated, the first student radio station which has been on the airwaves since 1996 (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Mario Kolaric, 26, visual artist

Born in Belgrade, Kolaric grew up in Osijek, Croatia’s fourth largest city, and is another graduate of the academy of fine arts in Zagreb. He is focused more on the process of photography itself; through it, he says he is trying to observe movements and interests. Lately he’s been making more conceptual pieces, but is also into classical illustrations. The neighbourhood around the British Square is his favorite part of Zagreb (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


The most popular way of city transport in Croatian capital. The Zagreb tramway consists of 15 day and 4 night lines (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Girl waiting for a tram (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Matea Jocic, 24, amateur photographer

These are the self-published magazines and photo books that Matea’s been making lately. After pursuing studies in phonetics and information science, she now works as a VJ for Zagreb based band Hemendex (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Park Ribnjak, downtown

This park had been a part of the city fortification since the fifteenth century and now is one of the prime locations in the heart of Zagreb (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Luka Kedzo, 24, photographer

Born in Dubrovnik, Luka lived in Sibenik (north of Split on the Croatian coast) until seventh grade before moving to Zagreb. He is studying for a masters in photography at the academy of dramatic arts. His latest works are photographs mixed with words and paint. His work is very personal, often dealing with intimate relationship within his family and small circle of friends. The books and sketchbooks that he is making are similar to a diary style of documenting things, thought they retain an authentic and original side (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Luka lives in a quiet neighbourhood outside downtown because it reminds him of the silence and calm atmosphere near the seaside, which he misses. Pictured, a young couple hide from the rain in the suburbs (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)


Kids playing football on the school’s field. It’s the most popular sport in Croatia, whose national team is currently ranked as eight best in the world (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Back to Ban Jelacic

The square is the central meeting point for all generations in Zagreb (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Culture arts

In front of the Croatian national theatre (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Protest nation

Man preparing flags and banners during the anti-government protests in Zagreb downtown. Of the recent protests in Zagreb, photographer Matea describes them as ‘senseless in every possible way and totally unimportant’ (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

Upper town synergy

That won’t stop Croatian men and women lifting banners. Last shot from the anti-government protests near the parliament (Image: © Nemanja Knezevic)

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