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You’re going to get a wafer!

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The majority of foreigners who visit Spain have an idealised vision of the Catholic rituals that take place there. Dangerous misinterpretations can take place. If you ever find yourself in the situation where a Spaniard is shouting “I’m going to give you a communion wafer”, you should run immediately or prepare to defend yourself. He who expresses himself in such an aggressive manner is not trying to show his devotion or proselytise you by offering the Blessed Sacrament. Likewise, the Italian expression “I’m going to give you a pizza” and the French “I’m going to give you a loaf of bread”, should not be interpreted as a friendly gesture by the locals. In reality, what they are all saying is that they are going to punch you in the face! And so a word of advice, when in Spain - where the use of blasphemy is surprisingly common - only accept wafers offered inside church.

Translated from ¡Te voy a dar una hostia!