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Winter sucks, but...

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It's nearly winter in my hemisphere, but I decided to have a positive outlook on meteorological gloom.

  1. It's cold in my house. Bonus: when the fridge is full, I can keep the yogurts equally well preserved on the kitchen table.

  2. I can finally wear my pretty boots.

  3. The sweaty smell in Santiago's metro and buses isn't that bad anymore.

  4. It's also cold in bars and restaurants.

Bonus: I waste no time taking my coat off, then putting it back on!

  1. I eat pumpkin soup and drink creamy hot chocolate.

  2. I wear my favourite leopard tights.

  3. Hence, I spend less pesos on leg waxing.

  4. The ski resorts await me a mere 2 hours from the capital.

  5. When it rains or freezes, street sellers mushroom, providing me with umbrellas and warm clothing. It's handy.

  6. Winter doesn't last for ever.

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